Jan 30 2016

Getting Traffic To Your Website-Part 1-Free Top Methods

Getting Traffic To Your Website-Part 1-Free Top Methods

In this three part series of Getting Traffic To Your Website-Part 1-Free Top Methods, presents Surfing; Part 2 is Instant Buzz and Part 3 concludes with SEO.

Having a website doesn’t guarantee success and if using getting traffic to your website free top methods can help you, this article will have succeeded in presenting you with options available.

You need to have a flow of traffic coming or driven to your website, if you are promoting someone else’s website with their products or services or if it for the benefit of your own business.

To help explain, think of yourself as a brick and mortar company on a side street off of a main thoroughfare.  You want a portion of the traffic that is on that main street to be detoured or targeted to you and then for some of that traffic (visitors) to stop at your store.   If you do not have a flow of traffic, you cannot have visitors.  As with any physical business, you have visual advertisers drawing people to walk in which helps build a client base and produce repeat customers.  These results will not happen if you do not have those customers initially and are able to make sales and generate a profit.

With an online business, the same principals apply except you don’t have the benefit of visually enticing someone to walk in.  You need people, your walk in’s, to see your website and stay and browse your pages and then buy your products.  This method in which to accomplish this is called targeted traffic which is targeting visitors or specifically selecting individuals from their online search patterns to go your website.

As a physical building obtains traffic and its visitors from how it is advertising on the outside, a website to prosper needs to have that same amount of traffic with a major distinction.  Without fluttering flags, or something eye catching, you need your traffic to be identified and targeted and sent to your website.

In online marketing, you will be able to use several methods to have traffic delivered or sent to your website which will either come with a cost or that you will find complimentary.

Since FREE is the topic, let’s look at some methods that have complimentary traffic and visitors stop in, stay, browse and buy on your website.  What will you choose – 1. Surfing or Browsing; 2. Instant Buzz and/or 3. SEO Search Engine Optimization?  All require research and time before implementing.

Getting Traffic To Your Website

  1. Surfing or Browsing – Fur sure, dude, let’s try surfing. The only way to ride this wave is to join the beach club.  You join the club and find a wave, glide down the face and make your ride last.  Now what.  Realistically, to put it in browsing terms, you have to join a site for traffic websites that require you to look at the websites of other members to generate marketing credits for your website to be shown when other members are browsing or riding the waves too.

Now whether you select this complimentary method or not, know that it is free monetarily but to obtain the traffic will cost you in your time and that traffic is not targeted only coming at you in waves. Be aware that there are other members of these types of traffic sites that are surfing or browsing too.  Most do not care and seldom read anything on the website they visit.  They are there for the sole purpose of earning the credits for their website.  They are able to beat the system by going to a website, could be yours, while sitting there to build time, either by having your site open full screen or minimizing it to work on other things.  The traffic to your website wasn’t worth the time invested to earn the credits and your visitor data is useless.

There is so much more to come. With this article being written in multiple parts, other images to look for to locate Parts 2 and 3 Getting Traffic To Your Website-Free Top Methods.  Look for these images on this blog and on our Facebook page.

The image for Part 2 Getting Traffic To Your Website-Part 2-Free Top Methods

Part 2 Getting Traffic To Your Website-Part 2-Free Top Methods

The image for Part 3 Getting Traffic To Your Website-Part 3-Free Top Methods

Part 3 Getting Traffic To Your Website-Part 3-Free Top Methods


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