Feb 01 2016

Getting Traffic to Your Website-Part 2-Free Top Methods

Getting Traffic to Your Website-Part 2-Free Top Methods

Welcome to the Getting Traffic to Your Website-Part 2-Free Top Methods.  As stated previously, the fact that you have a website doesn’t guarantee success. You need to have a flow of traffic coming or driven to your website, if you are promoting someone else’s website with their products or services or if it for the benefit of your own business.  In Getting Traffic to Your Website-Part 1-Free Top Methods; Part 1, Number 1 addressed the free method of Surfing, dude.

Let’s see another method that is available for you to use.  As always, you need to research any option before making a decision.

  1. The second method to obtain free targeted traffic and not talked about a lot are companies that offer you marketing credits in exchange for the time you browse (or surf dude) the web. Time requirements might increase from what you might do daily.  You may find other companies that are able to offer this type of service.  For this article, one company is Instant Buzz and it has multiple ways to process and complete this method.
  • The first primary opportunity to implement is to download their very quick and free of charge toolbar, create your advertisements in the member’s only section and like magic, your advertisements are shown on the tool bars of the other members of this service as they are browsing or surfing too.
  • The second opportunity given to you is to be able to place Instant Buzz advertisements, called mail space ads, you then send out in your e-mails. Again, by magic, your advertisement will be shown in other members’ e-mails.
  • The third opportunity is to show on your website a hyperspace advertisement which will assist you in referring other member of the service. These referrals will earn you a portion of their earned credits that you are able to apply to your advertising credits.

Instant Buzz reviews stated it doesn’t impact your website and the tool bar can be uninstalled if you feel it is interfering with your browsing time online.  It get more credits, it would be your decision to use the mail space or the Hyperspace advertisements and/or to upgrade to any of the premium plans offered for a cost.  The downside of this is 1. Cost and 2. That the advertisements can be distracting to your website’s visitors and/or your e-mail subscribers and they may not see or read the advertising campaigns you have in place.  As with most reviews, the variances are wide.  You have those that say it didn’t work and those who didn’t say a thing when it did work.

You can never be reminded enough times, do your homework and research.

With this article being written in multiple parts, other images to look for to locate Parts 1 and 3 Getting Traffic To Your Website-Free Top Methods.  Look for these images on this blog and on our Facebook page.

The image for Part 1 Getting Traffic To Your Website-Part 1-Free Top Methods

Part 1 Getting Traffic To Your Website-Part 1-Free Top Methods

The image for Part 3 Getting Traffic To Your Website-Part 3-Free Top Methods

Part 3 Getting Traffic To Your Website-Part 3-Free Top Methods


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