Mar 23 2016

Guide For Online Advertising and Marketing Success

Has your online advertising and marketing plan fallen flat on its face?  Are you wondering why?  Can you see any improvements in the near future?

To say everyone has fallen at one time or another does not provide you with a solution or a guide to attain success, so we will dig in.

  • Learn from your mistakes. Did your plan fall flat because of the message or because your audience and readers changed?  Either way they both caught you by surprise and both need correcting.


  • Recalibrate with your targeted audience if one of you moved or choose a new audience. Times they are a changin’ and you are not the only website online for your audience to seek out.  It is your responsibility to adjust and stay in tune with your audience.  If you have to ask why, this could be your first reason your plan fell flat.  If you want to stay in business, you are going to need an audience, customers, buyers and clients.


  • Learn the newest methods or techniques of how to present your message to your audience. By continually researching and educating yourself, you will have the online tools ready to implement your new plan when you have made your decision on the course of action to take.


  • You need to concentrate on and direct your written content towards your targeted audience. By being in-sync with these readers, you will provide the answers or resolutions to concerns or questions they intended to ask before they even knew to do so.  By being this knowledgeable resource, you gain credibility that could result in an eventual sale down the road.


After these come together, you will have what is required to formulate your new advertising and marketing plan, specifically dedicated to your newly revised, targeted audience.

  • Now look at the ROI, return on investment, on your new plan.
  • What are your costs vs. the number of leads/new customers/new clients/new buyers you forecast to obtain when this new plan is implemented?
  • What are you willing to risk financially to complete the implementation?


There are different options you can look at to earn additional income from your targeted audience.

  • You can parlay the stature you gained from your targeted audience of being credible, an expert, recognized as an authority for content well written and become a coach.  Do not attempt coaching without a true success story to tell.

With your success story, you might consider:

  • Creating an e-product or e-service: offer an eBook, free training, webinars and video tutorials, etc.


  • Use banner ads with any of the click advertising methods of earning revenue: CPA, costs per action or costs per acquisition; PPA, pay per action; PPC, pay per click; CPC, cost per click and CPM, cost per impression.   These terms can be synonymous at times so be sure you research any provider.  Confirm what their commission payment methods are prior to signing or verbally agreeing to any agreement.


  • Maintain an honest relationship with everyone you meet and do business with and you will keep your business strong and healthy. One form of advertising and marketing that you cannot buy on or offline is that of a satisfied customer’s word of mouth.  It is priceless.


Reading through this once, gives you the idea; reading a second time while taking notes, is acceptance; reading a third time is implementing the concepts is taking steps in the right direction to succeed.


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