Feb 06 2016

Heeding Four Warnings Can Help Generate Income Online

Heeding Four Warnings Can Help Generate Income Online

You found ‘the magic pill’ for an online affiliate business and are ready to make the hundreds or thousands of dollars a day, a week or in thirty days as claimed.  Really?  Needing money immediately and making that money instantaneously is seldom achieved and shouldn’t be guaranteed when you decided to take that ‘the magic pill’ and are caught up in the lure of instant cash.

However, you have convinced yourself this magic pill will work for you and are eager to start, already spending the money they claim you are going to make. You sign up and are off and running.  You begin reading all of the materials they gave you, see what those people accomplished (those people refers to individuals who are stars in their field and assumed as instant success stories) and discover that the magic pill cannot just sit on your computer, something more is required for the pill to work properly.

As with most medications, a pill needs to be taken internally, usually swallowed with water, to be absorbed into your system and it goes to work, before the magic can take effect.  Realistically, you wouldn’t place that pill in your mouth before reading the warnings on the label.

Reading the label about ‘the magic pill’ you assumed

Warning 1.  That to earn these big dollar amounts that you first had to have your own blog.  If you have a blog and done all of the blog work beforehand, that’s great and you are a step ahead.  However, a blog is not required to generate income.  The warning here is to understand that if your blog has dozens of articles and no one is reading them, you are not going to be able to generate that income.  For ‘the magic pill’ to work internally, you need an audience, visitors, readers, or what is referred to in an online business, is traffic.

Warning 2.  That those people have their own e-books, guides, videos and conferences.  You believed you needed them too.  How are you able to make these products when just starting out, without the knowledge, online experience or reputation to produce a product that is ranked in the same category of quality?  These products are not required to generate income.  If you did have them, what value would these products add when your website or blog doesn’t have an audience?  For ‘the magic pill’ to be swallowed, requires water and the source of your water is traffic.

Warning 3.  That those people have websites with all of the online bells and whistles.   Again, you assumed that before you are able to generate an income, you had to have these bells and whistles.  These bells and whistles are not required to generate income.  Examples of some bells and whistles can be:  videos on your different pages, a sales or capture page, a thank you page or the next best time saving tool, a system that will send out your emails automatically for following up on the sales.  These tools and processes are valuable and can be the next steps you might consider after you and your Website are established.   And how do you and your website become established?  ‘The magic pill’ needs to be absorbed into your system and that absorbing process is establishing traffic.

Warning 4.  That similar to Warning 2, that you developed a personal item to sell before you are able to generate an income.  A personal item is not required to generate income.  Having a personal item of quality is an asset but sitting on the shelf it becomes a liability.  To be able to move the product do you have what those people do?  Those people are established with their readers with a bond of trust in their name (or their branding), and have exhibited their knowledge as an expert, giving reliable, informative and beneficial information in their chosen niche or field.  Are you able to see that for the magic to work, you need to have a reason for anyone to follow you and believe in both you and your product?  All of the traits above are required to have credibility.  That credibility comes with your readers and your readers are your traffic.

The lure of instant money without having to try affects just about everyone and is rewarded to only a very few.  We love the success stories of those people that truly were instantaneous.  For others though, that instantaneous story, is in reality, being down to their last $5, $10 or $100, on the verge of eviction or worse after years of plugging away.  Then those people finally strike it rich and have the earnings they only could dream about.  Some will actually share that story after they have reached their desired pinnacle of success.

If you do not heed the four warnings, you have effectively let ‘the magic pill’ remain on your computer as you have been so busy doing everything you assumed or thought you needed to get done to look good, but in reality, has not generated the income you first envisioned when you bought the pill.

Your Take Aways:

Do you need a blog?  Not necessarily.

Do you need a website?  Definitely.

What do you do then?  You need an audience, you need traffic.

Why would anyone want to read what you have written on your website or blog?  You provide articles that are informative and beneficial to the readers in your chosen niche; your readers help in branding you and your site and establish your online reputation; the branding and reputation you receive can then imply reliability, credibility as an expert and someone who can be trusted.  With the readers trust comes the opportunity to influence them to purchase items on your website generating an income.  Isn’t this what you signed up for in the beginning?

Reread the warnings and know that ‘the magic pill’ is also time activated to have any effect in your online business venture.

You have come full circle when, hopefully, you realize that ‘the magic pill’ was encased as a capsule and that capsule is traffic.


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