May 12 2016

How To Create A Website Traffic Jam Part 1

How To Create A Website Traffic Jam Part 1


You look traffic gridlock in the face every day when going to work or home and even when trying to get out of town on a holiday weekend.  It is not good for you or your vehicle to sit and be frustrated daily, however, what if we took and made lemonade from this situational lemon.  Would you like to have that same traffic jam on your website instead?

Ultimately, you want your traffic to be organic.  Organic traffic is a user, searching in their browser, entering keywords that are SEO related to your website and then the SERP, search engine results page, shows your website and the user clicks on your URL.  That is organic, the user found you on their own.  They prequalified themselves as interested in you and your niche when they clicked on your site.

Paid traffic is paid and although they are labeled as targeted, they may have been interested at one time and they may not have the desire or still be interested at the time you purchased them for your niche.

Here are several ways How To Create A Website Traffic Jam at any time of day and not just during rush hours.  Most are self-explanatory and if not, they are expanded with notes.

Within Part 1 – we will look at what you can add to your website, where you can answer questions or leave comments and what you can create.  Within How To Create A Website Traffic Jam Part 2, continued on Saturday, May 14, will be Posting with including back links to your website, Publishing Opportunities and Using Other Resources.

Enjoy Part 1.

Adding to Your Website

  • Affiliate Links to Promote Your Website
  • Do Paid Advertising – Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords
  • Give away tokens of appreciation – an e-Book, software program, an app all linking back to you
  • Guest Blogging by Authorities or Related Interests
  • Have Contests Often – free offers are always beneficial; if a contest, be sure to make a make thing when announcing the winner to keep your readers attentive and participating.
  • Images That Are Share-able with others
  • Include Interviews with like-niche authorities
  • Re-promote and recycle your archived published content
  • Reward Individuals Who Promote Your Website or Social Pages
  • SEO, search engine optimization, to everything on your website; content and images
  • Social Media bookmarking icons for sharing content
  • Space For Rent and Be Paid By Advertisers


Answering Questions or Leaving Comments

  • In Forums or Chat Rooms
  • On Others Blogs related to your niche
  • On Others Blogs within your niche
  • On Yahoo! Answers



  • A Blog List with The Best Of – to help new people to your website and authorities who you might have mentioned in your blogs might share on their websites
  • A Mobile App – to and for your website
  • An Infographic of your niche, use Canva or Fiverr for assistance
  • Automated or Live Webinars
  • Free Content, Valued by the Reader able to share it with their friends
  • Headlines that Attract Your Readers
  • Periscopes
  • Podcasts and request interviews with other podcasters on yours or theirs
  • Shareable Tweets for ClickToTweet – to advertise you and your business/website
  • Videos for YouTube
  • Write Co-Authored Content and cross promote

There was a lot within Part 1 to review and digest.  Thank you for being with us for this and we look forward to your returning on Saturday for How To Create A Website Traffic Jam Part 2.   

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