May 14 2016

How To Create A Website Traffic Jam Part 2

How To Create A Website Traffic Jam Part 2


I am pleased to see you back with us and that you are not stuck in traffic gridlock and have had time to review and digest Part 1 of this series as we continue with How To Create A Website Traffic Jam Part 2.  If you are new to us today, no worries, we are linked back to Part 1 to provide you with remainder of the many ways to have a traffic gridlock of your own making on your own website.

For a short review, knowing the difference in organic and paid traffic, you always want to work towards having organic traffic.  Within Part 1, we covered what you can add to your website, where you can answer questions or leave comments and what you can create.  In Part 2, we have Posting with including back links to your website, Publishing Opportunities and Using Other Resources.

Without further delays and detours, we will create some traffic jams.


Posting with including back links to your website

  • As A Guest Writer, posting on another’s blog, request this from the site’s webmaster
  • Do Reviews on products or courses in or related to your niche, be honest.
  • In Niche or Related Topic Forums
  • Within your bio on each social media

In addition, these social and business platforms, share posts, links, etc.

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Medium
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • ShumbleUpon
  • Twitter


Publishing Opportunities

  • Content on your own website
  • Guest content on your website
  • E-Books to Kindle
  • Including your URL on anything digital or physically printed
  • Submit Press Releases – Fiverr can create and publish or just publish your written release
  • Submit your content as a guest post on another’s website
  • Write Newsletters – informational, your new releases, how to, etc., are good items to write on and be regular
  • Write low cost or free E-Books for Kindle


Using Other Resources

  • Attend Industry conferences, events, seminars and workshops
  • Authorstream and Slideshare for PowerPoint or PDF slide sharing
  • CNN’s iReport Section – post a quality
  • Join a speaker’s bureau or do niche presentations to local clubs and organizations (who are always looking for speakers)
  • Links from Authority Websites
  • Networking With Other Bloggers, whether in your niche or not, will influence your website
  • Offer to help others without consideration of reimbursement, if asked; try bartering with your link published on their website in exchange for your assistance
  • OpenSiteExplorer – see your competitors and who they are linked to or linked to them and emulate them
  • Participate in link parties – this is BYOL and collect other links about specific subjects or topics
  • Pay for Banner Space on another’s website
  • Pinning Content and images to Pinterest
  • Quora for answering questions and see how many followers you get
  • Sponsor local events, teams, booths, podcasts, a non-profit or not for profit association or organization’s website, etc. or provide raffle items. Donors are always listed, could be on flyers, posters, programs
  • Start an online chat room or
  • Start a physical group meeting
  • Submitting Tweets to JustRetweet
  • Use Fiverr and hire someone to get targeted, spam-free traffic
  • Use MyTopTweet to see what people are asking about within your niche for content ideas
  • Use Scribd to upload courses and files

With these ideas in How To Create A Website Traffic Jam Part 1 and Part 2, you might not choose to use them all but the more you use, the more traffic you will detour to your website.  Good luck and wear your seat belt.

As always, if you have more questions than the answers provided, please contact us through any of the links below.


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