Dec 01 2015

How to Properly Use Press Releases in Internet Marketing

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How to Properly Use Press Releases in Internet Marketing

– Press releases are the most basic, and sometimes the most effective, tool in promoting a business, be it online or outside the Internet. Of course, press releases are only effective if the business owner knows how to use it to the fullest.

If you are planning to make use of press releases to promote your businesses or products, follow these strategies in order to maximize your press releases’ capability to captivate audiences and potential customers:

  • Put in the most basic information of your business / product.

Effective press releases always cover the most important information – yourself (or your business). After all, without that information, how can people know who you are or what you intend to offer? Highlight this information to answer the most basic questions – who, what, where, and when – and you can expect an increase on traffic on your businesses’ website.

  • Make it interesting! Captivate your audiences to gain their interests.

Once you have the basic information covered, it is time for you to attract them into trying out your services. Provide interesting tidbits about your services. Do not simply write “we are offering (x) product” when you can write “our (x) product is proven to be effective and you will achieve the same results upon trying it for yourself”. It needs not to be long – just keep it descriptive and concise and your press release will do the rest for you.

  • Keywords are a must – make use of them but don’t use them too much.

Most people who write press releases know the importance. However, most of these people do not know that using keywords too much, or “keyword stuffing”, can actually be detrimental to the press releases’ main objective. Use keywords but not to the point that you are saturating your article with it. Achieve at least 3 to 5 percent keyword density to attain maximum effectiveness.

  • Put your press releases on websites that have high traffic…

…or make use of press release websites to maximize your traffic. Making use of both will guarantee not only an increase in traffic, but to your profits as well. Using blogs and free websites are also a great (and free!) way of increasing traffic to your business. While this may mean that you will have to work twice harder, it pays off in the end as your business is made known to your target audience.

  • Make use of social media.

Every day, billions of people use social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. If you are especially active on these websites, include a link to your press releases here and increase your businesses’ websites’ hits! Best of all, social media websites are absolutely free and posting a link will cost only a few minutes of your time.

  • Do not use press releases too often.

Like keywords, too much press releases can lead to oversaturation that will prove to be very disadvantageous for you. Google and other search engines might tag your press releases as “spam”, which not only decreases your page ranking but may also turn off potential customers. Limit it to as much as needed only.

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