Jan 27 2016

Internet Marketing Branding Yourself Part 1


Internet Marketing Branding Yourself Part 1

First, let’s define Branding from the Small Business EncyclopediaThe marketing practice of creating a design, symbol or name that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.  When applied to you as you do Internet Marketing, you are setting yourself up and becoming the leader and holder of the information, practices and procedures to be the expert in your field.

Second, this is intended for you as ‘a business’.  If you grow from you or a two person business into a company, your Branding can shift from what is presented when employees are added and become specialized and an expert in another aspect of your niche or in a completely different niche or topic.

What you do want from your Branding

To be ‘one thing’ to ‘everyone’, the expert, the specialist.

To have people rely on you as the expert and to be the expert in your website visitor’s eyes. Think of the days of the old film studio caste system, you would be a character actor or you accepted being type casted.

To be branded as an internet marketer who is an expert in their chosen specific niche or topic or any of the other popular aspects of online marketing; here are a few – PPC, CPA, traffic, sales, etc.

To be the expert, you need to stay with it.  Individuals will then come to think of you and your ‘brand’ synonymously.

To be truthful and if you make the decision to move to another program let the individuals in that program know of your move.

To have longevity and branding durability as an internet marketer.

To be continually designing and producing new items within your chosen topic, field or niche as items improve.

To be creating the new items and having another earnings stream.

To have your Branding on all of your online documents; lead capture pages, header graphics; under your photograph; throughout your sales pages and newsletters; in the signature block of your emails; as part of your personal introduction when doing teleconferences or videos (I am, then Branding title); as the header or footer and signature on e-books.

To care about your customers and not just their wallets.

To maintain a consistency and continuity in all your business practices and communications.

To have a customer service plan to keep your customers in the loop that includes returning telephone calls and emails.

To do what you said you were going to do when you sold the program or items.

To under promise and over deliver.

To have your Branding develop naturally with your customers and that both you and your company become known for your good and ethical business practices, which will result in your company having the longevity you want.

To have your word to be your reputation.

This will be continued in Part 2 with What you don’t want from your Branding, When Your Branding is Wrong, When Your Branding is Right and What is Your Branding.


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