Jan 28 2016

Internet Marketing Branding Yourself Part 2


Internet Marketing Branding Yourself Part 2

This is a continuation of Part 1 and internet marketing that included What you do want from your Branding.  Now let’s look at Internet Marketing Branding Yourself Part 2.

What you don’t want from your Branding

Is to be a jack of all trades and a master of none.  This is not saying you can’t learn everything about more than one topic.

Is to be spread thin, overwhelmed with promises you made that you can’t take care.

Is for your durability and longevity to cease when items become out-of-date or not applicable for current usage.

Is to change programs or items continually and not let the new program’s participants know that you are now in with them.

Is to not inform your new program users of your joining their program which will simply eliminate any branding you had established for yourself or your online company.

Is to lose your credibility with constantly changing programs or items.

Is to be known for chasing rainbows.

Is to be thought of as someone who is disreputable just taking the cash, leaving the customers in your old program or items, moving to the next big chance and leaving them holding the bag not caring about them at all.

Is to ignore your customers by not returning telephone calls or emails.

Is to not fulfill what you said or guaranteed you would do after taking the money.

Is to over promise and under deliver.  You want to under promise and over deliver.

Is to be unethical and dishonest, personally or in your business.

Is to be known for spamming and being continually black-listed for forcing emails.

When Your Branding is Wrong –

Do you want to be around for more than a cycle?  There are a few who will say, “It doesn’t matter.  I’ll take and get what I can, when I can, and I don’t about the customers I swindled”.  Is this how you feel?  Is this what you have decided for your business plan?  Is this what you really want, to be constantly looking over your shoulder?

Government regulations are tightening up and believe it or not, if you choose unethical and dishonest, quick and easy practices, swindling those that trusted you, you will be found and caught.  Is this what you would choose that for your life or for the lives of your family and kids?

When Your Branding is Right –

Will come from the results of you being ethically and morally honest in your personal life and your business or company environment, and then, with those results, you will produce the success you desire.

Will take your hard work, walking the high ground and doing what is right, all of the time.

What is Your Branding –

Your Branding is everything you do and say.

Your Branding is you.

Your Branding is represented by your employees.

Your Branding will have you doing business for a long time.

Your Branding will help you generate a constant stream of income being generated daily, weekly or monthly so you can enjoy your life, family and friends.

Your Branding will be able to help you reach a level of automation resulting in more time for your life, family and friends.

Your Branding will make you feel proud of what you accomplished.

Your Branding will help you have the lifestyle of your dreams.

Your Branding will help you create your legacy.

You can now see that how you are Branding yourself is when your Internet Marketing really begins.

What type of Branding do you want to create?


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