Dec 29 2015

Lessons to Generate Cash Online Part Two

Generate Cash Online

Lessons to Generate Cash Online Part Two

– Yesterday, you were left with the Lessons to Generate Cash Online Part One.  With these lessons accomplished in part one, today, we continue with Lessons to Generate Cash Online Part Two.

In order to be successful in your online business, let’s begin with the first checklist:

  1. You should have created your goals and understand what they are.
  2. You will have prioritized what your business needs and requirements are.
  3. Have a list of what is to be done.
  4. Have a blueprint on how you plan to get there.
  5. As a continual work in progress, you will eliminate any of your time consuming bad habits that will interfere or prohibit you from attaining these goals you have written out.
  6. You will now focus on generating cash online.

Are you ready for the steps to lead you to prosper online?

  1. During your time spent doing your research for your website and niche, you should have discovered who your competitors would be and how they are doing in their business for you to want to enter the same field.
  2. Now use a twist of an old adage, duplication is the sincerest form of flattery. You saw that wasn’t copy what they have verbatim.  It is duplicate of their work ethic, so to speak, in your own words or as I heard recently, ‘to provide a reason for your competitor’s visitors to detour to your website.
  3. You are not reinventing your niche, you are seeing where your competition is going and tag along.
  4. When designing your online business, emulate your competitor’s and learn from them as an apprentice.
  5. Be prepared to purchase the programs and materials they have, always adapting them to your business.
  6. Read their website, category to category which will include their blog/s and posts.
  7. Apply what you have learned from them to your website.
  8. Email your competitors and ask questions on anything – management, operations, products, marketing, customer service.
  9. Email your competitors and ask if they might have a need you can meet as a ‘sub’ or supplier to them.

Learning these lessons and steps is insufficient, if you do not apply them to your new online business.

You have had the opportunity to gain useful information and knowledge while you were learning the lessons and the reasons behind them.  However, this knowledge is and will be insufficient for your business to be successful and for it to generate cash online, if you do not apply what you have learned.

Many individuals will request these teaching lessons, go through the process and then file them away having never used them.  It is our desire that you be that one individual who follows through from the lessons and applies the principles to their online business.

The success you will attain when you begin generating cash online will be a memorable experience and well worth the time and effort you will have put into your online company.

Remember, this is your company you decided to create.  All of these lessons and steps are for you and are your responsibility to learn and implement as a new CEO, CFO, COO, President, Business Owner and chief, cook and bottle washer.

There has been a lot to absorb and if this information has been a little too much and you would like assistance at any point in these lessons to establishing your online company, contact us here.

And as you establish your company, remember those that assisted you along the way.