Apr 02 2016

Managing Your Social Media Effortlessly

Have you taken on the role of the social media manager for your company’s Twitter profile, Facebook Business Page or one of the other social media platforms?  Do you feel like Short Circuit’s Number Five, in reverse, needing to post constantly?  Are you managing your social media effortlessly?

You will figure it out, say anything or post something are not the words you want to hear when given your instructional directions.  If you were to follow any of these three hints, any social audience that you might have had prior to would be long gone in short order.

Have you reached your maximum creative capacity and overloaded your brain cells?  Your audiences ought to be able to receive a lot more from you than second rate, garbage in, garbage out, thrown together without forethought or a plan and couldn’t come up with an idea if it ran into you.

However, what if you were able to focus your brain on a topic, would that assistance make it easier for you or would that assistance cause you to think you were being pigeon holed without creativity?

If you selected the former and not the latter, then a solution awaits you to manage your social media effortlessly.

Use a weekly calendar on your computer or pick up a paper one and create your own social media schedule of topics to post that your niche audience can relate to in some way.  If you think of something for future topics, jot it down on the calendar.

Since social media is more forgiving than content writing, here are some general categories to select from, with a short explanation.  Assign one to a specific day of the week and then follow the schedule weekly to build a readership.  This will help relieve your stress of I cannot think of one thing! 

Prior to deciding what day to assign to a topic, know that some research data has shown that the weekends will have less readers who will engage more and that midweek, Wednesday, appears to be in last place in your posting order.  (Maybe hump day is shifting to a weekend mode, really no idea.  Other data shows Monday is the lowest, which seems to make more sense but who am I to question research data?)

Managing Your Social Media Effortlessly

Current Events – Always post the good news side of your niche, your company or in your community.

Customer Appreciation Day – Your way of saying thank you.  Return a bonus to those who are your dedicated readers and customers.  Provide money saving coupons, no expiration date discounts, free entries into a longer running contest having a great gift, maybe a trip and only available on this day each week.  Any day is good to give back appreciation.

Educate – Use to tell about and educate your readers about a product, when it will be available, costs, how to use it to the readers best advantage, benefiting their lives. Other ideas are to introduce and invite readers to see your products page or online store, do not sell them.  A major advantage to increased sales is doing an educating walk through of what they will see when they purchase something from you.  Give your readers this information will boost their confidence to know what to expect in purchase process and are not surprised.  (Friday or Saturday)

Employee of the Week – Show your heart again by appreciating a staff member or employee and how they help your readers.  Letting your readers know who is at the other end of the line in your written communications or telephone calls puts a face with a name and/or title and shows humanity and not automation.  This leads the reader to feel you care about them.   (Great on Friday, Saturday or Sunday)

Engage with the audience – There are several things you can do:  a quiz, test, fill in the blanks, ask a question, mini survey, photo contest using your product-using in the most unusual place or using differently than intended.  Be sure to restrict responses-comment for your approval prior to posting if you think responses could lean toward an R rating.  (Greatest response days-Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday)

Funny – readers connect to companies with a heart.  Show your company’s sense of humor with lighter-side images or pictures related to your company.  (Laugh on Monday or Wednesday)

Ideas – big or small – Since you are not trying to sell, this topic is a non-threatening post and a great opportunity for your company to provide advice, instructions or directions to use one of your products.  (Thinking on Sunday or Wednesday)

Inspiration – There are times when you saying a good word could influence one of your readers.  Add this to one of the choices above, not all the time, but you will know when it feels right.  (Any day)

This works so well, now multi-task and use this schedule if you have the responsibility of writing the content for your blog on a regular schedule and see how it will help.


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