May 29 2017

MLM Does Not Work... You Won't Hear This From Your Upline

MLM Does Not Work

So Have You Ever Been Tempted To  Join An MLM / Multi Level Marketing?

Well if you are like most people you want to have a passive income and have all the riches of the world given to you.  After all you would be crazy if you didn’t right?

Hear Are 4 Reasons Why Most MLM’s  Don’t Work.

  1.  The first thing you are told once you join is you need to write a list.  Why would I want to turn into a 1970’s time share sales man and throw up all over my friends and family.  This is not fun.
  2. You then are given a schedule for calls that usually means you give up your evenings and weekends to attend these conference calls.  You need to bring on a guest and this is how they are recruited.  The problem is if you are trying to get out of your job and you are told instead of watching Empire on Fox or Blue Bloods by Tom Selleck you may find your self staying in your job because it looks alot better.  Or you need to hustle and start attending conference calls and live, breath and sleep your MLM.   And miss Sunday dinner and time with your family because you are hustling for there future.  You soon realize this is not worth the sacrifice.
  3. The very fact that the only way you can grow an MLM is by recruiting people lots and lots of people.  When you focus on recruiting and you sell the dream of big income you are now in danger of running a pyramid scheme.  Don’t believe me?  Just GOOGLE all MLM companies that get shut down every year.  You will be amazed.
  4. Cult like attitude.  When you join one you are constantly being told to get on this call, attend this meeting, fly too seminars across the country.  The meetings and attendance will literally control every aspect of your life.

Watch this video by  John Oliver (HBO) He does a great job explaining MLM


So is there still a legit way to make money?  One that is not as tough as MLM?  One that is not as risky?

My answer is yes.  It is called having a virtual business online.  To be more specific I created a Platfrom that combines blogging, viral news, a community and built an automated funnel around it with a few secret strategies and I got to tell you the numbers are crazy.  They really are.  Instead of me talking about it you can get more information right now. CLICK HERE TO GET INFO NOW


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