Nov 02 2015

SEO Benefits of Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

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SEO Benefits of Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

– Online marketers know that using Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, alongside with mobile marketing can give them the edge over the competition. But, what most people don’t know is that, by properly employing the use of mobile marketing, their SEO strategies can experience a great boost, allowing them to earn double, or even triple, the traffic to their website.

Here are some of the many benefits an online marketer can get should they use the power of mobile marketing to the fullest:

• Mobile marketing reaches out to the target audience almost instantly, which can be a boon for online marketers with a website set up specifically for their products and services. Even including a couple of keywords related to your niche can help in gathering viewers for your website. And with so many smart phone users all around the world, even if 1 or 2 percent of the people visits your website, you’ll still get a good amount of traffic and profit from it.

• Mobile marketing is cheap, which makes it a good strategy to use in conjunction with other online marketing strategies. This makes it a feasible strategy to use alongside with SEO as SEO is cheap (and sometimes free), making it appealing to budding online businessmen.

• Mobile marketing has a high ROI (return on investment), which means that you can get back what you invested on it within a few months’ time. With a high ROI, you can earn your initial investment and use it not only on SEO, but on other online marketing strategies.

Tips to Maximize Mobile Marketing
Before you will be able to reap the benefits of mobile marketing, you should learn how to maximize your mobile marketing.

• Make your website, if possible, mobile-friendly. You will want not only PC users to visit your website, but also mobile users as well. If you have a budget dedicated for mobile marketing, opt for a mobile domain so that you can have a readily accessible website for mobile users. Make sure to optimize it for mobile users as well so that they can have a seamless experience when browsing on your website.

• Make use of the current technology. Advertise using apps that can help promote your business even when they are on the go. Use QR codes, which is actually a feasible payment method especially with more and more smart phones supporting the QR code payment method.

• Maximize the use of keywords. That doesn’t mean you should use it at every chance, use it whenever it suits the purpose. Avoid “keyword stuffing” or the use of too many keywords. Using keywords way too often may affect your SEO strategy negatively, as Google and other search engines frown on the keyword stuffing method, with some blacklisting websites that do so, so avoid doing this at all costs!

SEO and mobile marketing go hand in hand; making proper use of either strategy will benefit the other, so try your best to make either strategy work and the other will follow through.