Mar 02 2016

SEO Tips Increasing Website Traffic

SEO Tips Increasing Website Traffic

If you have been online for any length of time you have heard of SEO otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization. If you don’t know what SEO is or why you are told you need to have SEO on or done to your website, then to start with SEO tips increasing website traffic will be putting the cart before the horse or do you stand out in a crowd?

Let’s define SEO first then address how it should then increase website traffic.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the procedure of influencing the visual presence of a web site or a web page in a search engine’s not purchased advertising results; often described as organic, natural, or earned.  Generally, the higher ranked listings on the search results page or how often a web site appears in the search engine results list, the higher number of visitors that website will get from users of internet search engines.  SEO may focus and use various aspects consisting of image, local, video, scholastic, news and industry-specific vertical online search engines to produce their results pages.

SEO is used to increase a website’s presence when the search engine results page is displayed. The intended result is for those searching online using your specific keywords will then be interested enough to click on your website. These searchers are referred to as a targeted audience.

If you are new, use the tips to help you create the traffic and increase your rankings in the search engine results. If established, use them to refresh or refine what you did on your website in the area of SEO.

Here are a few SEO tips increasing website traffic

1. A well worded text menu far exceeds the impact of an image on your website to achieve a favorable and optimized higher ranking in your search engine results.

2. To have created a distinct domain name as your readers and potential customers will find it easier to remember and find online. For new individuals, a distinct domain or website name is eye-catching and sets you apart.

3. If you have added a blog to your website, be sure that your blog is SEO’d also. You are able to do this by adding a plug in from any number of SEO plug-ins that are available. Should you select either WordPress or Blogger, each of these plug-ins are able to complete for you the basic SEO steps.

4. If you have become good friends with another website owner with a high page ranking who trusts and believes in you and your website, ask if they would assist you and give their recommendation of your website and if they would back link to your website. The implications is their trust level and that of their readers is then silently conveyed to you and your website through their recommendation.

5. Do not use stop words in your HTML title tags to guarantee that the search engines will read your titles and tags correctly to improve the speed of the results being displayed.

6. Use your specific keywords in your published page website links since Search Engines will give links preference over plain text.

7. As you create your website and SEO strategy, know how a search engine operates as it views your web pages.
a. Remember from #1 that images only to access a link will harm your results page rankings.
b. Use text links with your images to avoid any difficulties or by being penalized by search engines.

These SEO tips are just a beginning and as internet rules and regulations change every day, try to stay current especially with the fast paced SEO. You need to know the how and what is required by the companies doing the SEO results to stay ahead of the curve.


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