Mar 31 2016

Social Media More Than Facebook and Twitter

Have you ever thought about how similar social media networks are to the car rental business?  This is why.  If you want to rent a car, whom do most think of first, Hertz or Avis?  Where are Budget, Alamo, Enterprise, National and Dollar in your options?

The same is true with social media networks.  If you are going to do any advertising or marketing who are the two choices normally given and thought of first, Facebook and Twitter.  Where are these within your overall strategies – Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Reddit, Meerkat and Periscope?

This is not to say there is anything wrong with these initial assumptions.  However, to make an informed decision of what networks to use for your advertising and marketing, as the owner of a small business, you need to know at least a few of these other networks that could service your social media needs too.

Social Media and Google+

Google+ is the biggest, overlooked asset working with Google, its parent, influencing search engine results and your rankings. You have the ability to attract readers by using your business information, address, directions, telephone numbers, photographs, customer reviews and comments on the search page.  You are allow allowed to advertise and market your content, any specials or deals you have.  You choose to be with Google+ and get a significant boost in the search engine results page, duh!!!   If you look at what this platform can do just in your advertising and marketing strategies, this appears to be a no-brainer.


Social Media and Pinterest and Instagram

These two platforms are popular with younger people with their shared pictures and images.  Your business could use either of these to attract a new and visually oriented audience to your website or blog.


Social Media and LinkedIn

Allows you to share your content with a group of targeted individuals directly with the intent of connecting with those outside of your contacts who could be interested in what you have to say.  Entrepreneurs and business owners, your prospective targets, still call LinkedIn their home although LinkedIn’s value has diminished some as it goes through growing pains when the content published was mediocre and not monitored.


Social Media and SlideShare

Is probably the least used by all small businesses.  This platform allows you to share your published content by converting it into a slide show.  You then upload into SlideShare and send it to your targeted audience and your advertising and marketing lists.


Social Media and Reddit

This network may remind you, in parts, of an online democracy.  It has multiple communities and the users have the ability to vote on the content submitted to the communities.  Reddit has compiled almost every topic imaginable and available to users through their system of forums and sub-forums.  For you to get a foot in the door, you need to ensure you have visited the site and its forums and selected wisely. When submitting your content, it is a must and imperative that it be relevant and of high quality to the forum.  Being accepted and your URL listed by the Reddit’s user base would be a feather in your cap.  Their base is very large and your website or blog could receive a lot of traffic from them alone.  If these passionate Reddit users find your content lacking, they could vote your content down or comment negatively which will influence the other users to avoid your website entirely.  Similar to being black listed or blackballed.


Social Media and Meerkat and Periscope

As Pinterest and Instagram are to pictures, Meerkat and Periscope (owned by Twitter) are to videos.  These two platforms offer the capability to have live presentations, chats, talks, conversations, training, providing content and information, covering a live event with commentary or making announcements.  You name it and both platforms can do that for you and your small business.


Another option to watch that are not specifically social media are:

Cloud Technology

Aside from its capability of handling large data amounts and running applications, this technology gives you the ability to automate your advertising and marketing processes, especially in the area of mobile devices.


Lastly, is the first social media phase, that of an email

Although its use has diminished due to spamming and phishing, emailing still is one of the prime resources for advertising, marketing and communicating with your customers and potential customers.  If you have not thought about this as a good and tried and true method, here are some tips to follow when you are emailing.

  • Have in place a CRM system, customer relationship management, to personalize emails for each of your campaigns to your customers.
  • Prior to sending any emails, review your analytics about your intended recipients to gain information and that will tell you what they need from you.
  • Remember to stay in contact with anyone emailed, especially those who have become inactive on any of your lists.
  • Personalize emails to draw any customer or client back that has become inactive with offers that might entice them to become active again.
  • Ensure your social media share buttons are included on every email you send out.


Now, you know, there is more than Facebook and Twitter in social media when you grow or expand your advertising and marketing strategies.


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