May 25 2016

Starting A Social Media Marketing Campaign

Starting A Social Media Marketing Campaign 

You need to have a presence online and the best way for this to happen is to sign up on one of the social media websites with numerous visitors.  Social media websites make it easier to get the exposure you want and need.  These websites are extremely popular and it would be a mistake not to use them to market your business.  These websites also can easily make or break you.

When beginning the setup for starting a social media marketing campaign, this article gives you some thoughts and reminders you may need.  Good luck with all of your efforts you give to social media marketing.


Never spam when you post on social media.  If you post spam, this will be the quickest way to lose followers and damage both your reputation and your company’s.  Posting Spam on Facebook, Twitter and any of the other social media websites will make any legitimate marketing you do difficult.  This will be the one time when posting just a few words with a link to a product and/or service will get you in trouble as spamming.  This is the time and place to be wordy as you give relevant content or product and/or service reviews along with any links as you are posting.


Do not lose your temper when you post or reply on any of the social media websites.  There will be people who will post on one of your social media pages having the intent to cause trouble.  Maintain a professional attitude and just remove the posts.  Should they have a legitimate claim with your business, you need to be respectful and always maintain a professional dialogue.


Creating an RSS feed for any of your updates will give your frequent or new readers the opportunity to subscribe to it.  If your readers are using an RSS widget, they will have access to see the posts you make when they log into their desktop computer or mobile device into their Google account.  Who your target audience is will influence your success rate with an RSS feed, could be more or less.  An added benefit for these subscribers is you are building your email list while you inform your readers.


Did you know that you could have any posts you do on Twitter appear, as well, on your Facebook wall?  Think about writing different posts for Twitter, as this audience might differ slightly from your Facebook friends.  Now, you can write copy for Twitter that is extremely short posts.  As you are able to update both websites very easily, you will need to weigh the advantages of both of these social media websites with the length of your content.


Do not forget to post a link to your website or blog on each of your social media network profiles.  When a reader sees or hears about your products and/or services on a social media network, they will want to have access to more information.  In addition, most readers want to see where you are located and that you are an actually physical business and storefront before they will decide to purchase from you.  They want to know you are legitimate.


You also have the ability to add applications such as SlideShare to your LinkedIn.  Test out different applications to see which could be helpful to you.  SlideShare allows you to create photo albums with personalized, detailed descriptions for each of the pictures.  You could add pictures of your products and/or services or have your customers start sending pictures or selfies of them using your product and/or service they bought.


While having various advertisements on the various social media websites for your business, you should definitely include a few special deals.  This will give your potential buyers an incentive to click on your advertisement.  By placing these specials on these ads only, the readers and customers may feel more compelled or obligated to click on these ads and see what your business has to offer.


When you use these tips to do your advertising as you are starting a social media marketing campaign, you will quickly see how effective social media is.  Whether it is for drumming up new business, to keeping your existing customers happy, to introducing you into the social media-marketing world properly and/or allowing you to see the number of potential clients you can gain while you are creating great customer relationships.

What are you waiting for?

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