Mar 22 2016

Starting Affiliate Marketing Tips and Suggestions

So you want to be in affiliate marketing, so far, what have you done?  Have you begun to search online to see what information is available?  Do you know what you are looking for in an affiliate?

If not, the suggestions and tips listed below can assist you with the how- to, but first.  With some of these suggestions, we will be talking about issues concerning legal or financial choices.  Here is what I need to say to you.  This article is not given or to be considered advice, legal or otherwise, and is only provided to inform and educate.

Now, we shall begin.


As I did above, be aware that with U.S. Federal Law, you must reveal/disclose the affiliate agreement you have with the business where you are obtaining your items.  This law applies if that item is on your website for review only and/or if the item is on your website and is available for sale.

TIP:  You can accomplish this easily by inserting in your website’s footer a disclosure declaration link that will appear on each page of your website.


Affiliate Selection:

When deciding on the affiliate you want to sell, find a program who assists their marketers in promoting, servicing and in making sales.

TIPS:  Confirm that you will receive their new affiliate sales training when starting and refresher training opportunities either online or at an in-person seminar or workshop.   Also, confirm how and when you are paid and if residual sales are included.

As with any other document needing your signature, have any affiliate marketing agreement reviewed by your legal and financial professionals and be sure you have read and understand it prior to signing.


ESP Philosophy:

It will not take a crystal ball or ESP if you have done your research into who your targeted audience is, what questions are they asking and what are they looking for?  When this is established, you need to find the affiliate offers that meet your audience’s needs.

TIP:  Knowing your audience and understanding your readers at a deeper level will give insight into what it takes to persuade them your product is the answer or solution to their questions and worth the cost to purchase.  This knowledge will bring them back to you repeatedly.



Affiliate Marketing leads to building a subscriber list and that list is the subscriber’s email addresses.  Obtaining email addresses is difficult at best, however, with the right enticement; individuals will give you their email address in exchange for something of value to them and increase the potential market for further product offers from you.  What would you want in exchange for your email address and consider what you could barter to the visitors to your website?

TIP:  Give your reader the opportunity to look around your website.  When a call to action or subscribe-now pop up option is timed to appear later on your website, better responses can occur.  This is contrary to most affiliate marketers who have a call to action or subscribe now pop up option immediately upon opening or entering a website.


Quality Control:

Not only do you need to be sure you are working for an affiliate of high moral character, you need to ensure that the products you are offering to your readers are the best quality.  Your reputation and credibility balances with your reader’s trust in you.  Your buyer’s beliefs will determine that trust level.  Sell inferior products and your readers will bury you.  Sell quality products and your buyers will sing your praises and return for more.

This also goes for additional products from your source.  Maintenance of high quality is essential to your success.

TIP:  You want good online public relations because you cannot buy the word of mouth advertising from a satisfied customer.


Monitor and Track:

As you review the data collected on your website, you may begin to see trends in your advertising.  If underperforming, try moving your ad placements, change colors, fonts or the ads on your website. One size advertisement does not fit all buyers.

TIP:  Consistent monitoring will give you the data to know who your readers are, when they became buyers, what page they bought on, as well as, the color, verbiage and shape of your purchase or call to action button or link.


You are now able to respond to the question in the beginning, so far, what have you done?  The ultimate answer is learning all that you can about your audience to be able to set before your reader what they didn’t know they had to have to give them the results or solutions to their online questions.


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