Dec 04 2015

Stop Thief! - Distractions - they can rob you blind

Stop Distractions

Stop Thief! – Distractions – they can rob you blind

Yes, it happens all the time…you might even fall victim to it every time you get online.
You hop on the computer and check your email, you click on a few interesting emails and see what they’re promoting…you think about buying one of the products and see what else there is related to that product maybe 1 or 2 hours go by…
Then you head over to Facebook see what’s new with your friends, family and internet marketing buddies or groups – you respond, be social…2 or 3 more hours go by.  Now you’ve spent 5 hours online but have been robbed of the possibility of using that time to do some real work, work that could have resulted in a nice payday!  It’s time to stop this thief and make doing real work a priority, do your real work first before checking emails, Facebook, YouTube, your favorite sites…
Have you stated a new business recently?  How distracted are you?  There are some of you that chose to either work from a coffee shop or you chose to set up your new venture in your home.  As you are starting out, you have made that decision yourself and maybe you made the choice of these two options due to financial restrictions.  The location options are limited when starting out and understanding the dilemma that might have been put on you with your choice. you need to also take a good look at how you work, if you haven’t already.  Are you finding it difficult to stay on point when you are supposed to be working at home.  

Personally, learning early about the distractions in the three paragraphs above and in looking at and knowing how I worked and how easy it is to be sidetracked by things that happened around me when I was in that coffee shop or even at home, the decision was easy from there and chose to set up my own, actual business office to work from.  It was the best decision and being surrounded by like minded staff makes this work a joy and not a job.     

This is my business and I have earned and provided a good income to my family from doing internet marketing, knowing what will work and what doesn’t.  And the best part is to be able to give and to teach you the online techniques that will assist in making you and your new online business venture into a success too.  

I have started a new step-by-step 30 day program that will show you how to start your own business in the industry and it is unlike anything you have ever seen.  If over the next 30 days, you would like to finally get to where you want to be, then CLICK HERE  and you will be sent to my personal site where you can connect with me for assistance.

Remember those around you that have helped you along the way.