Feb 28 2018

Turn Your Blog Into A Viral Traffic ATM.

Are you trying to blog but can’t figure out how to monetize?   Or worse yet you are spending days, weeks and months trying to write content and then you struggle how to get web traffic?  Well I am going to show you how to Turn Your Blog Into A Viral Traffic ATM.

I am here to tell you that blogging is the most lucritive online business when done right.  So why should you listen to me?  Here are just a few video testimonials from happy clients over the years

Now lets talk first about the industry.  Gurus have often said why blogging?  It is dead.  Or I am not a writer.  Well Blogging is a necessity because it gives your brand the best authority.  It is your own platfrom separate from Social Media and Web 2.0 sites like tumblr.  All of these are good but they can be taken away fast because they are not your own platforms.

When you have your own authority people will listen to you.  You separate your self from the me to marketers, those that just post and say buy from me.  Aside from authority you build a brand like Amazon, Bestbuy Walmart.  Authority and a power brand sets the stage for you to build a very large audience while monetizing it along the way.

Here is a great training program I created that dives right into every step from domain to making money.

I have created The next 5 steps to getting any blog cranking traffic and making $500 + per day.  Very important to get right.

  1. You need to add a lot of content.  Not garbage spun content but real good content.  Sure you can write it but who wants to write content.  I don’t.  Sites like Iwriter.com are great at getting content.  You pay a writer 2,3 up to 10 dollars and get a god pice of content written.  This way you can focus on other things like monetization.
  2. You need to do Keyword research.  What are you focussing on?  If its lose weight don’t try to rank for lose weight but maybe “best low carb diets for 2018”.  I often get people that are in the make money online.  So they will use that word.  Maybe use How to use clickbank for affiliate marketing.  See the differnece.  Now the keywords are a necessity.  Pick 5 main keywords and rotate them around to the writters wen you are getting articles written.  A great tool for getting help with headlines is here.  Best part its 100 percent free
  3. There are a few plugins that are a necessity.  Yoast SEO, A Caching Plugin like WP Super Cache, Defender that helps with stopping hackers and viruses thus ruining your site.  I try not to overload the plugins because it will make your site run slower.  Other plugins include a contact form and legal pages.  This is the minimum I recommend.
  4. Now you need to monetize.  The first I always recommend is GOOGLE Adsense.  You get paid when someone clicks on your banner.  The second is a CPA or Affiliate offer.  Companies like Max Bounty, Peerfly, Warriorplus and Clickbank are a great start.
  5. Finally you need traffic.  Just by creating content and publishing it then sharing onto social media is good and will build over time but it is not enough.  You need to implement a native advertising plan like Facebook ads, Taboola, Outbrain etc.  It is extremely cheap traffic and can be bought as low as $5.00 per day per week etc.  You decide the budget.  It can be $10 per month to start.  The main thing about traffic is try to keep it cheap.  You can always scale later.  Also when doing organic traffic keep it simple and not time consuming.  SEO can get very confusing but using a good keyoword and then creating lots of content around it while syndicating to the entire web is an amazing and lucritive strategy.  Syndication is when you push out to a web 2.0 netowork.  Here is a good video I did that will better show you syndication.

If I can help you in any way please do not hesitate to reach out.  I offer strategy session which are designed for you to get a plan set up.  Most people think its a sales call.  This is not true.  I create a full plan that you can implement into your existing business.  If you want me to do it for you then just let me know.  As I said I am here to help.

Schedule a free session here

Here is the link again to Viral Blog Machine.  This is a more detailed training to watch over my shoulder.


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