Feb 10 2016

Turn Startup Ideas To Positive Revenue Streams Online

Turn Startup Ideas To Positive Revenue Streams Online

When the business chosen is to be online, this is when the decisions you make can be the most challenging and difficult as you determine your abilities to turn startup ideas to positive revenue streams online.

The basis and goal for 99.9% of companies when established is to produce revenue earnings to justify their existence.  When that goal of earning a positive revenue stream is not met, the company ceases to be sustainable and the doors close.

Here are some of the questions asked after you have decided to do more research on whether or not to proceed with your ideas and venture:

What are you going to do for a business?  Will this be full time or part-time?  If you are doing this full time, will you survive financially?  Will you be able to balance the 24/7 demands of a startup company with the time required to make your venture a success to have the results of a positive revenue stream?  What do I look for?

You have available some tools that will give you a lot of the answers to these questions.  As you research, read and become knowledgeable with what you must do physically to succeed and understand that sometimes to succeed mentally that a good portion of your success will come from the heart and your passion for your business.

  1. To begin, you will need to identify a need and that you use the online tool of keyword research. It is imperative that you search for or target the right keywords in an online search.  You are looking for that need and who and how many companies already exist or the competition in that field or niche, filling that need?  What words are users entering to ask their questions?  You may find another related need buried within the keywords that will give you an idea to become more specific or specialized.  Write down the pros and cons on paper of how you might be able to fulfill that need.  When you have more pros than cons, you now have the information to determine if it is possible for you to earn a positive revenue stream.  Have you gotten a glimpse and seen yourself succeeding?
  2. After you have figured out and selected what field, interest or niche for your new company, you are then able to apply one of these tools below to assist in determining your possible positive revenue streams.


Researching your Field, Interest or Niche and its Keywords Online

The fastest of the research tools to figure out whether your niche decision would produce a positive revenue stream was mentioned earlier is by searching with your keywords online to see the results of your search.  The more results shown gives you the amount of competition you would have.  It will be up to you to determine whether this completion good or bad?

Competition can also be seen receiving a transfusion.  The competition has the ability to give you a boost in your determination to achieve establishing yourself as an authority within your niche with the articles written above, thereby, propelling yourself ahead of your donor.

Would your joining the niche be beneficial? Are you able to break the niche down further and find a part of this need that you would excel in?  Are you aware that if SEO (search engine optimization) is done of your keywords on your website, along with writing good quality, informative, beneficial content in your articles for your readers, could be the tools to make your company outrank that same competition?

Google Keyword Planner, AdWords, CPC (Cost-per-Click) and PPC (Pay-per-Click)

Using this tool will help you locate the keywords that are associated to and relevant to (trending in the niche) the specific niche you have selected.  You will see what keywords have the highest costs and revenue returns and their ratios in the cost-per-click or pay-per-click techniques.   When the Cost-per-Click is greater, the earning potential is increased within the tool.  Google’s marketing network was created to be a bid system.

If the Cost-per-Click is high, lets you know that numerous individuals are placing a bid on that precise and specific keyword on their browser’s search bar and that there are others who think your specific keyword is valuable.

When you use this technique when researching the revenue possibilities, be sure the Cost-per-Click contains an action keyword.  Why would you want these types of words?  Purchase, buy, evaluation, review, complimentary, free and download have been entered by individuals online.  By doing so, these individuals have already decided to get the item as shown by the 60% conversion rate associated to these keywords.

Have you ever heard business was conducted in the past with a hand shake without a contract?  Or that over a coffee cup, sitting with friends you trusted, you could brainstorm and know your idea would succeed if it passed the napkin test?

Now, with the times we are in today and with the technology that has been created that has changed everyone’s life dramatically, how you start a business has also been impacted.

The startup venture of today needs all of tools that are available to determine feasibility.  You will find these tools at your fingertips for you to get the information, leading you to be able to make an informed decision as to whether your business dream can become a positive revenue stream reality.

To your success.


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