May 02 2016

Ways To Improve Your Article Marketing

Ways To Improve Your Article Marketing


So you have written an article, it is passionate and high quality, and you think that it could really benefit somebody.  Now what?  It will not do anyone any good unless you can attract readers to the article.

The advice given here in Ways To Improve Your Article Marketing can help you find an audience for your article so no work goes to waste.

  1. Make sure to use backlinks. Create backlinks to your own content on your site pages.  Examples of backlinks would be to have your articles archived or include related links to other pages on your website.  Do not get carried away by inserting too many links to clutter your pages.  The more links on your web pages means that more links will pop up on the various search engines.
  1. Give a reader who has enjoyed your content a way to share it if they want. Ensure all of your social media icons are visible on each page as the more individual content shares you have, the more your website will appear to the search engines and sharing can increase readership by allowing users who might not be searching for you to see your content anyway.
  1. Schedule your article postings on your calendar and stick to them. Consistently updating can be a difficult task to manage when writing articles.  Writing them on your work calendar will give you a reminder and needed motivation to succeed at providing new articles on a regular basis.
  1. Never copy anyone else’s work or ideas. This is unethical, could be illegal and your reputation and credibility are harmed if or when anyone comments on the article as being stolen from someone else.  Do your own work and give credit always where and when it is due and these actions can protect you from these issues.
  1. Spinning articles is a very controversial topic and even the most knowledgeable of article marketers will tell you that this is one to avoid. Articles spun using software designed for this purpose can be difficult to understand and grammatically incorrect.  In addition, you are not saying anything new with a spun article.  Another strike against spinning an article is that you could end up in court, having inadvertently violated copyright laws.  It is better for you to use your time and write a creative article than to waste time spinning useless ones.
  1. Avoid publishing articles with the same or similar titles. It is difficult to have an article be unique if another article has the same title.  Give a unique title to every article and remember to include your keyword in your title.  When you are posting the article in different venues, always have five to twenty versions of the title available for these sites.

As was mentioned in the Ways To Improve Your Article Marketing, all of this will fail and you will not make an impact on society, if nobody takes the time to read what you have written.  Finding readers for your articles is not difficult when you follow the advice given here.  You should see an increase in interest for your writing right away.


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