Mar 08 2016

What Is Attraction Marketing and How It Will Help You

If you are new to internet marketing or been around for a while, attraction marketing, branding and personal branding appear to be the most current and used buzz words in the industry.

Let us start by defining these terms simply:

Attraction Marketing – an arranged plan of advertising used by visionary businesses to provide opportunities for those seeking to be self-employed.

Branding – is a company, business or product lines recognized image that represents them in the marketplace and is synonymous with them visually.

Personal Branding – is a component of attraction marketing that provides the motivation to possible customers to cause them to pro-actively search for additional self-employment business opportunities information from a known Brand.  This is in contrast to your possible customers reacting to your marketing.

Here are some ways for attraction marketing to be beneficial for you.


This applies to not only you, your website, your products and/or services but also to your marketing and advertising materials.  Adages of dressing for success and you are only able to make a first impression once come to mind when you want to appeal to a possible customer.   Your intention is to present visually the impression of having succeeded.  By establishing this successful image, you are now able to influence positively the possible customer’s belief that they too can succeed by seeking more information from you and your well designed and branded website.

Personalized Branding

For your success, when you create and design your brand, ensure it is a representation of you whenever possible.  Make your marketing and advertising decisions based on and always in accord with your brand.

When in the public eye you are always representing your Brand and all that your Brand encompasses.  Returning to the attributes of your appearance, apply those attributes to marketing and advertising.  Consider how you look and what you want to convey.  Although some audiences could vary dependent on age, a shirt and tie and/or business suits for either gender subconsciously influence most possible customers that you are serious and knowledgeable about what you are presenting.


Ensure that when you have decided on your advertising and marketing plans, that every phase and step including materials, any videos, presentations and testimonials are in line with and done to the highest quality.  You want the presented results to be as one message to reach your ultimate goal.   To maintain the highest of quality and not allow any aspect to be sub-standard and under par, your brand and your image will reap the benefits of positive impressions.

Reasonable and Inspiring

It takes work to stay on the sunny side in your life especially when you self-employed.  As you apply both harmony and balance to your website, you need to be sure your claims and guarantees are within reason and believability.  False or unproven claims can make possible customers doubt what you are saying and cause them to leave your website.

There is a fine line between buy and reject and the width is small.  For you to remain on the positive side of the line is to have sufficient inspiration to motivate with testimonials; be enthusiastic, honest and reasonable in your message and promotional presentations, all without making unrealistic claims or promises that cannot be kept with your audience.

Your honesty and your word are your brand.  Both of these brand characteristics can lead possible customers to trust in the material presented to them.  Educating and enlightening a possible customer within your presentations to include the difficulties and obstacles they might experience with this self-employment opportunity has the same effect of stating that this option may not be suitable for everyone.

When the customer continues, you have allowed those possible customers to pre-qualify themselves.  They are, thus, more open to your presentations and receptive to accepting the opportunity you gave as their choice and not as one you are trying to sell them.

Building Your Community

Attraction marketing’s ultimate success arrives when the community you have built and nurtured tells your story to others and acquires new customers for you.  Your loyal, word of mouth, community customers are able to produce results that would normally cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars to replicate when and if done in print.

Always be grateful and say thank you to them for their assistance and belief in you.  Make a concerted effort, take the time to recognize these customers publicly, online and by name.  For security and protection of your loyal customer and yourself, ask permission first to be able to publish their name and ask how they would like it listed.  And/or consider awarding them an incentive for the highest number of qualified referrals within a designated period.  The incentive could be a gift, money, financial rebate or a coupon for any of your products and/or services.

As with any pros and cons list, conversely, this word of mouth is able to just as easily destroy you and your business if issues are unresolved or ignored.   Monitor your comments and answer any concerns or issues promptly.  The satisfaction of your customers are riding on this and can influence your reputation and future sales if allowed to fester.

Please let us know if you implemented any of these ways for attraction marketing to be beneficial for you.


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