May 28 2016

Writing Great Content Marketing Services You Provide

Writing Great Content Marketing Services You Provide


You do not have to be a professional journalist or author to write content or articles to provide marketing services to improve your business website online.  You can develop and write great articles or content that will increase your website traffic and boost your sales.

As you begin this article, Writing Great Content Marketing Services You Provide, you will see a few effective pointers found to make this form of marketing strategy work for you.

  • Of all of the pointers given below, this is, in my opinion, the most important. Ensure the articles you write are unique and original content.  A reader should not be able to search for a topic similar to yours and find your supposedly original article written word for word published earlier by another.  Include your own thoughts and personal ideas and express them clearly throughout your writing.
  • Always be aware of your niche and your readers.  What do they look for online?  Provide that information to them on your website as an informative, useful and helpful article that answers a question or questions that your niche or readers have asked.  When you fulfill these, the reader is the one who will make the article valuable by using the information themselves or sharing it with others.
  • Put in extra effort as you write up a review of one of your products and/or services.  Give all of the information the reader would need to know and the benefits of having this product and/or service.  Include your product and/or service affiliate link to assist your readers in purchasing the particular item.  Having random links that are not associated to what is on your website or in your content can result in visitors leaving your website quickly.
  • Make the decision prior to writing any content or article that you will always be honest.  Honesty will lead to credibility and credibility to being trusted.  Unfortunately, there are those who have taken the internet and what could have been a tool and method for good and made it evil and innocents who wished to believe what they read online to be true now believe it is a sham.  You probably know numerous people who are unwilling to trust completely anything they read online and it is a shame when you have chosen to work diligently to create your content to help people.
  • Furthermore, if you have products and/or service advertisements that you have written and do not believe in or would not purchase yourself, most readers will sense that and begin voicing their negative thoughts online about what you have written.  Do not provide more evidence to an already skeptical public.
  • No matter what you write about in order to market your website, your content or article should be around 500 words.  The length of articles (no pun intended) has had so much written on it along with the impact on a website rankings, you could write at 300 to near 2,000 words, dependent on the search engine rules of the day.  Unfortunately, with the instant access available to most and the time span of a reader’s concentration, longer will normally only work on tutorial or similar articles.  Content writing is to get and keep the reader’s attention being respectful of that fine line.  Do not lose it in fluff or never-ending stories.
  • How eye-catching can you make your article titles to be meaningful to the readers?  When you are reading online, what made you stop?  Always include the article’s main point in the title or headline.  Catch your reader, tell them what to expect and they will decide to read the article or not.  Again the research and references cite a reader’s attention span being short – personally I find that generality condescending.  My brain is bigger than a gnat and when the reading is interesting and has my attention, I can read all night.  Guess I made my point to myself.
  • When you have put all of this work into writing your content or articles, submit them to a few popular online article directories.  These websites have already established a built in audience looking for articles like yours.  Use the existing tools that have been proven as you google search for article directories to get the top sites.
  • It is important to be patient when employing article or content marketing tactics.  This is a long-term strategy and not a quick online advertising method.  It may take months for the benefits to make an impact on your website’s traffic figures, however, after the initial effort has been made, its traffic-boosting effects linger for a long time.

These pointers should give you a taste of what is possible as you apply them to your article or content marketing.  I hope that you also realize that the process is not necessarily hard.  Focus on mastering one or two of the pointers and after you learn the techniques, you will be ready to make serious progress via your content or article marketing.  Always be open to improving your results as you gain experience.


Good luck as you use Writing Great Content Marketing Services You Provide and as always, please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.

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