Feb 25 2016

Your Business Web Site Check List

Your Business Web Site Check List

If you are a do-it-yourselfer or having your business website created and designed for you, what does your competition’s website have that you don’t?  Prior to starting, let’s see that your business web site check list has included these aspects to be integrated into your web site to make it a success for you.

  1. Web Site Ease of Navigation
  • Be able to find information quickly
  • Quick loading images or pages
  • Clear Header Titles – About Us, Contact Info, Products and/or Services, Blog, Comments or Reviews
  • Limit 5-7 Header Titles with drop down capabilities for items included
  • Should be designed to be compatible on all mobile devices, phones, iPads, tablets and laptops
  1. Be Mobile Device, User Friendly
  • Statistically, mobile phone users surpassed traditional users of PC’s
  • Means your visitors are trying to find you online
  • Be proactive and be ready for these users
  • Your web site, all pages and images, should load quickly
  • Don’t have an error on any page or you will lose your one opportunity with this visitor
  • Use click buttons or links for easy of connecting to you
  1. Create An Attention Grabbing Web Site Headline
  • Helps a visitor decide if they stay or if the go
  • Is brief and clear, summarized in three to eight words
  1. Add social icons
  • Show that your web site is connected to the social media platforms
  • Usually the icons are in the upper right hand corner of your page
  • Learn how to or hire someone to manage your social media platforms
  • Social Media connectivity allows your company to build visitor and customer relationships online continually
  • Link all of your social media platforms together and to/with the company’s web site
  • Let your visitors or readers stay on your page while sharing your web site with others 
  1. About You
  • Give your history so visitors can relate
  • Share your mission statement and why you do what your do
  • Tell the value of your brand name and what it stands for
  • Tell your visitors what sets you apart from your competitors
  • Give the benefits of your product and/or service
  1. Contact Information
  • Don’t frustrate a visitor, reader or customer with vague information
  • Include the ability to ask a question or leave a comment without leaving your site or this page
  • Avoiding to give any information implies not being legitimate
  • If a physical brick and mortar location should be easily located online
  • Include:  address, city, state/province, zip or postal codes, telephone numbers
  • Include clickable telephone numbers
  • Include directions on how to get there
  • If no physical building location, give a mailing address so they know where you are located
  1. Map Your Location Interactively
  • A physical brick and mortar location should be easily located online
  • Include:  address, city, state/province, zip or postal codes, telephone numbers
  • Include clickable telephone numbers
  • Include directions on how to get there
  1. Include Your Blog Page
  • Can be tied to your company web site or stand alone and linked to the company site
  • Success will follow a company that published informative articles on a regular basic
  • Use as another avenue to send product and/or service updates
  • Use to share business related news
  • Share reviews and comments from satisfied customers
  • Share issues you have resolved
  • Showcase different staff members, their areas of responsibilities and their direct contact information
  • Sneak preview business announcements and special, discount or clearance offers
  • Tie to an online newsletter and social media platforms
  1. Reliable Sales Copy
  • Needs to be truthful and genuine, your words are equal to the page design
  • Include your products and/or services value and advantage of having yours
  • Describe detailed descriptions and images of your products and/or services
  • Describe your guarantee – not pledges you can’t or won’t keep
  • Don’t promise what you can’t do
  • Include reviews and comments
  • Offer special deals
  • Beware of over exclaiming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a point
  1. Word your Calls To Action Clearly and Strongly
  • You have one opportunity to sell the first time
  • Visitors who feel lost or frustrated will not buy and will not return
  • Be specific on what each button or link will do on your web site and specifically on your sales page
  • When you are asking for information, be prepared to collect that data
  • Add a link or purchase button on each of your pages to maximize results

We’ll be glad to help you and your business create and design a web site that is appealing to your visitors and reliable in its content so that you are prepared to make the visitor into a customer.


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