Feb 23 2016

Your Customers Come from Reader Questions

Your Customers Come from Reader Questions

Being in an online industry could require a good portion of your day being focused on your readers and their questions.  Have you ever thought about how your customers come from reader questions?   What do you have to do to help that change take place?

First, be thankful that your reader has enough faith and trust in your expertise that you will answer their question.  By answering truthfully could result in a sale for you.

Second, remember the reader’s question is just that, a question and not a request to purchase.

Third, you need to answer as if the reader has been a loyal customer of yours forever and that you are providing the informational value they have come to rely on from you.  In a nutshell, recognize the reader’s worth in their time for asking the question.

You could be rewarded with a purchase for giving of your time to assist this reader and showing them that your service is worth their time and investment to purchase.

Ask your reader’s some clarifying questions.

Have you ever asked a question and the answer you received was so far removed from what you asked, you wondered who or want had read your question to begin with?  If the answer came from an automated machine, you might have enough tolerance and try again.  But if a person replied, the reader could said just as easily forget it and left you for another site.  Look what you lost when the reader is either not read or that the question was misunderstood.

If a reader is asking from your sales page, they have already taken the first step towards their purchase.

Before you are able to display value you need to be sure of the reader’s question.  Where us the reader at mentally (confused, frustrated, just plain lost), what are they looking for, what type of results are they hoping for?

By having their question expanded, you are then able to respond intelligently, providing the information they asked for and give them methods to resolve their perceived difficulties.  You would include also the value of your products and/or services with the benefits to the readers for selecting them.  Most important, if you don’t know, tell the reader you will find out for them and get back to them by (state a deadline date).  You will increase your reliability and credibility with the reader by being truthful and following through.

Have you Provided Value?

Your primary goal when replying to a reader’s question is to answer their concern and provide any options for them and what the benefits are for them to work with you.  If new or seasoned, remember that most individuals would like something for nothing and resist if their time or money is required.  If the reader has asked about your product, be specific with what is included within the purchase price.  If your time, let them know what they will receive and how it will benefit them and if their time is required, let them know what is expected from them.  You are selling yourself to someone who really doesn’t know you to provide a service or sell them a product.  You need to make sure your product or service is packed with value, worthwhile to purchase and in some cases, the reader’s idea too.

Don’t leave your value unstated by only stating it when responding to questions.  Include the value given in your blog posts, newsletters and on each of your sales pages.

Have you Gone an Extra Mile for the Reader?

In your response as you answer the reader’s question, you were able to tell them their options to resolve their concern; including the value of each option and the benefits to them when selecting one or more options and they are still not purchasing your product and /or service.

An extra mile could be offering a free, 30 minute call, to those you are hesitant but continue to ask more questions.  Use the call to further explain the value and benefits of your product and not as a sales pitch but as someone who cares about them being successful.

In this vast online world, providing truthful and honest information, that provide value and benefits to the reader, will impact some but not everyone.  You are in business, to do business and some are just looking and are not interested in purchasing.  However, don’t give up on those lookers either because you never know what they will grow up to be, who they will become and who they will have the ability to influence.  Your future sales could be dependent on a response you gave quite a while ago, if not years.

Readers can become loyal customers and all it took was your time to answer their questions when they were readers.

Tracking your Reader’s

A bonus tidbit – by monitoring and tracking the questions asked can lead you to developing a product that impacted a block of your reader’s questions.  Do you think you could sell this product to this block of readers if it answered a stated question or concern?  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying this as you learn more about your readers and what is on their minds.


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