Jan 28 2018

Your Key To Success: How to Use Pinterest for Sales

It is necessary to know how to use Pinterest for sales. Pinterest is a social platform which has more than 200 million views per month. If you can take advantage of the traffic, it can easily grow your business and brand. But, there are several things you need to get right if you are looking for ways you can grow your sales while relying on Pinterest. Some of the features which you need to know
how to use on Pinterest include pins, boards and feeds. The pins refer to images or videos which someone has decided to save on the platform. Each pin comes with a link which directs visitors to the page where the image has been posted. Boards are just collection of related pins on the platform. It is a feed just like any other platform. It refers to a collection of links as well as content which other pinners have followed.

How to use Pinterest for sales

For you to use Pinterest for sales, you need to know how Pinterest can be used for business. It is a simple process where you will have to set up a Pinterest account for business. After you set up the account, here are some of the tips you need to employ so that you can grow your business while taking advantage of the traffic on Pinterest:

Have Pinterest save buttons on your site

After you publish content on your site, you will like other people to interact with it and even share. You will make it easy for other people to pin the content on their boards if you have a save button on your site. It is a simple step which many people forget but it can bring a lot of traffic.

Maintain pin consistently

It is recommended in Pinterest for you to pin something at least once a day. If you have a lot of content you will like to post, it is necessary to divide the content rather than posting it all at once. Consistency helps in increasing your engagement on the platform which will make more people know about your business.

Emphasize on great visuals

Pinterest is a platform which emphases on great visuals. Always ensure all images you post on Pinterest have images with clear visuals. It is necessary to attract viewers who will end up helping you in growing your customer base.

Have clear content description

People will like to know at a glance about what they will get if they view your content.  You should always ensure you describe the content you have shared well. It increases chances of people clicking on the content for them to learn more.

Use rich pins appropriately

Rich pins allow people to see metadata and other information from your site. For you to increase your chances of attracting more followers, you can use the rich pins at some points so that people can get clear ideas on what they will get if they click on your posts.

Get social

Tips on how to use Pinterest for sales cannot end without getting social, it is a social network hence you should engage with others for you to increase shares. Try to comment and connect with other people in the industry who are not your competitors.

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